Aviation Medicine

Aviation Medicine is a specific branch of the complex health system, one of the less known. Such unpopularity is mainly due to the not common type of medicine and restricted amount of interested population. Considering its applicability is restricted to a limited amount of professional worker only, and not to the whole extension of people, beeing in particular relevant only to aviation workers.

More precisely, Aviation Medicine borns as a special medicine to ensure the psycho-physical attitude to fly certifying pilots and cabin crew members.

The different type of restrictions to the compliance are listed within AMC (Acceptable Means of Compliance) into EASA rules part MED.

By an operative medical point of view, the role of an aeromedical examiner is focused on two main activities. The first impact military applications only and the second rules civil and private aviations. In both cases the goal is to evaluate the psycho-physical compliace to operate on board of flights.

Our Services

Fly Aeromed is organized to offer aeromedical examiner services and an integrated system of visit organization to satisfy the most advanced needs.

Thanks to our sprecialized Examiner with Fly Aeromed s.r.l. is possible, with a unique appointment, perform labor medicine visits, Cosmic Ionizing compliance of B type , Renewal of Aviation Medicine Certificate (Ordinary / Extraordinary e/o Addtional) with direct relase of compliance certificates.

AME certifications :

  • ENAC
  • EASA
  • FAA*1

Within our location can be executed:

  • Renew First class certifications
  • Attain and Renew Second Class certificaitons
  • Renew Third class certifications
  • Attain and Renew Cabin Crew certifications
  • Ionizing Radiation conformity Typ.B
  • Attain and Renew Parachoutist – PARA certifications
  • Attain and Renew LAPL certifications

It is even possible integrate, to the AME mcedical certificate renewal, periodic and extraordinary visits of Labor Medicine E&HS

Medical visit procedure

Medical visits are executed following a specific protocol, available here below.

You will find in It all relevant informations about availoable services, and medical indications to follow, including the documentation needed during the visits.